“The power to concentrate was the most important thing. Living without this power would be like opening one’s eyes without seeing anything.”
-Haruki Murakami

I find this quote by Haruki Murakami to be particularly interesting because he describes concentration as a power. And by what he is saying, the power of concentration is equivalent to to being able to see and observe the world around you. I think that this quote can be related to Berger because he talks about our vision being manipulated by other things, like reproductions of an image through a photograph. This is applicable to aspects of concentration. There are so many influences and distractions that affect concentration. Therefore it is powerful to be able to concentrate on one thing.

When I initially read this, I thought immediately about distractions in relation to concentration. When we think about concentration, we automatically think about the academic, or working lifestyle and being able to focus in on those aspects of life. Additionally, we think about distractions as things such as leisurely or fun activities, or technology and social media. Although it is important to focus on the academic things in life, I believe that one can concentrate on anything depending on the intention. For instance if one set out to enjoy a movie or laying out in the sun, academics or work life are now the distraction as they are taking away from the task at hand. Concentration is simply the ability to mono-task, and if one can concentrate on anything, this means that anything can be a distraction.

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