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dove evolution

There is a video that circulated two years ago regarding the makeup industry and how they create an “ideal” form of beauty that women should aspire to. The video was put out by Dove, and in few words exhibits a plain, makeup-free woman who comes into a studio and undergoes an extreme makeover which concludes with her picture being taken, edited, and placed on a billboard for a face makeup advertisement. At the end of the video, the words “no wonder our perception of beauty is distorted” were inserted. The significance behind this advertisement is that the model that is being displayed on the billboard isn’t real. She did just have makeup put on her face, she was reformatted to fit desired features i.e. long neck, thin face, big eyes, etc. This is a representation of the distortion and attempted redefinition of beauty in order to manipulate the women who are looking at this advertisement and applying it to themselves. It is also a small example of manipulative cosmetic advertisements, because there are more products than just face makeup that target the insecurities of the female population.

When women are presented with a “model of beauty” they are essentially being forced to question their self perception and evaluate their physical appearances. Over time, cosmetics and their sellers have created so many social norms and expectations from society, that effect everyone, even women who don’t wear makeup, as well as men. Advertisements such as these have altered the perceptions of the women wearing the makeup who feel pressure, the women who don’t, the men who are looking at these women.

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