Helen Keller

“The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but no vision.”
-Hellen Keller
What makes this quotation so interesting is the person who said it. For most of the population, we know that Hellen Keller wasn’t just blind, but she was also deaf and by that, mute. This is coming from an individual who had two vital senses stripped away from her at a very young age and upon maturity, doesn’t know the world any differently.
I think that she uses the word pathetic to describe this kind of person because she sees vision as a gift, a gift that she was not given. To people who don’t have the deficiencies that she had, they might not think twice about the “gift” of vision. It is sort of similar to the Thoreau quote of “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” This is for the people that don’t see meaning in sight and not just take it for granted, but they don’t use it to the full potential that someone like Hellen Keller would if she had that gift. Her quote differs from Thoreau’s because she talks about vision which is a different connotation than “see”. Vision could mean a wide range of things from the literal sense of seeing something to the figurative sense of a vision of life, the future, and so on.
I think that this is interesting because Hellen Keller could be described as a person who doesn’t have sight but has vision.

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