Need For Nature


As this world is growing technologically and industrially, the importance of nature is slowly becoming obsolete. I don’t speak for everyone because there are still those who devote their lives to activities in the natural world, and those who devote their lives for the preservation of nature. This being said, from my speculation, growing up and moving from place to place, many individuals I have run into are not being taught or are developing appreciation and admiration for nature. There are a lot of issues surrounding this and I am not necessarily “blaming” these individuals for their lack of exposure to natural environments.
The next generation has become so used to the visual exposure of screens of many kinds from phone to laptops to TV’s and other gaming systems. While technology has had many positive impacts on our culture, the diversion from nature and time spent outside is one of its negative attributes. Even as I write this, typing away on my computer, I am hypocritically utilizing my time staring at a screen talking about the natural world instead of being in it, and going for a walk or run, or even just sitting outside. Appreciation for nature is no doubt dwindling and the more we build and develop to distract ourselves, the more separated we become.

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