Seeing Is Believing

After being in this class and thinking about vision all the time for an entire semester, I regard our society as highly ocularcentric. Before January, I didn’t know what that word was or meant even though my daily routines and actions were centered around this concept. It is going to almost be distracting now to have so many ideas about vision floating around in my head because I’m going to be constantly thinking about how visual information is influencing myself and other humans on a day to day basis.
I enjoyed this class setting more than others because I was given a chance to expand and reflect on one topic and strengthen my ideas. I think this was helpful because looking back on my unit one essay compared to my unit three essay was incredible. Not just the structure of and mechanics of my writing has improved but my ideas evolved into a more profound understanding of the subject of ocularcentrism.
After reading multiple sources assigned in class and finding a couple of my own, writing three papers, and doing a multi-media project/presentation, I can confidently say that we are highly ocularcentric as a culture. I think that the idea of seeing is believing can be applied to quite literally any category of life. Vision and our perception of the world around us is one of if not the most important aspect of our evolution as a species into what we are today. After being exposed to these key terms and ideas about our ocular world, I can see myself relating more and more in future experiences to what I’ve learned in this class. I can also so see myself furthering the discussion of topics in class to other areas of life.

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