The Real You

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Social media is a tool that the upcoming generation is using to be able to portray themselves in any way they choose. To clear things up, I am neither arguing for or against social media, I’m simply pointing out what it is and what it’s capabilities are.

The idea that we believe what we see has largely defined what we consider real or not real. When it comes to social media, we are presented with visual information that we believe to be real and true even if it is or isn’t. Simply put, we believe what others want us to believe because it is something we see and observe through our technological devices.

Often times we don’t consider the fact that pictures can be edited or distorted or placed out of context. They can additionally be accompanied by words or “captions” that further distort any validity of the material being posted. I don’t believe that every single post on social media is false, but I do believe that we should consider the possibility that anything we see from someone else’s postings might not always be real. Instead the post could very well may be whatever that other individual wants us to believe.

The power of social media is in a way consuming because the majority of the users do not consider the different angles that are played. Angles such as editing, context, and false captioning. In my opinion, social media can be used in positive ways, to connect those of this world easily, but the naivety of humans to “believe what we see” is problematic when seeing the truth what others publish to the web.

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