visible or invisible

“The mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.” –Oscar Wilde
I think what Oscar Wilde is trying to get at with this quote is that when humans think about mysteries we think about what we have yet to discover when there is so much more to learn about what we already know and see before us.
I think this is an interesting perspective because it shows that humans as a species in a way thinks they can explain every thing that they can see which is inherently wrong. I think that we over simplify the world around us and don’t see the “simple” things from more complex angles.
I think it is interesting that Wild suggests that there is a mystery of the world and by saying this, hints at the facts that we haven’t solved the mystery and since we are blind of where to look, we might not ever find it. This quote is also extremely broad. The “visible” is such a vast list while the invisible is much shorter. I think it’s probably overwhelming to think of everything around us as a mystery instead of looking for mystery in what we don’t know exist or believe in but have not yet seen.

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